Kleine Kammermusik is committed to sharing its rich repertoire with audiences in the Philadelphia area and beyond. We have exciting plans for the upcoming season, including releasing a music video and starting our own concert series in Philadelphia.  Your support is extremely valuable as we continue to grow.  

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THANK YOU to all of our donors.  We appreciate your support!

Helen McConnell
David Wells
Tom and Meg Owens
Anne Hunter
Martha Johnson
Fred Owens
Stephanie Corwin
R. Scott Ireland
Mary Kirkpatrick
Arthur Humphrey
Nora Ariffin
Tatiana Daubek
Sonia Dolan
Karen and Jerry Sylvester
Beth Wenstrom
Rich Lanthier
Paula and Hobart Corwin
Charles and Peggy Brown
Mary Maarbjerg
Anne Timberlake
Marcia McGill
David Schonfeld
Sarah Paysnick
Sarah Bates-Kennard
Matthew Leese
Robert Dickson
Paul Rabin and Arlene Snyder
Laura Heimes
Isolde Schelhase
Cathy and Bill King
William Wielgus
Joe and Gloria Latona
Dale Munschy
Sue Yelanjian
Margaret Lias
Yvonne Smith
Marika Holmqvist
Sarah Huebsch
Lisa and Paul Hoffstein
Marta Howard
Agnes Simkins
Maren Brehm
Linda Dempf
Caroline Levy
Karen Marmer and Jörg-Michael Schwartz

Ed Matthew
Amanda Fuller
Richard Kravchak
Heather Miller Lardin
Reilly Lewis
Deric Corwin
Ann and Ken Lewis
Margaret Humphrey
Fatma Daglar
Joan Humphrey
Laura Choi Stuart
Mario and Alberina Di Ponio
Michael and Sarah Tulchinsky
Sarah Loehr
Curtis Foster
Charles Reifel
Aisslinn Nosky
Leela Breithaupt
Ellen Farrell
Karisa Antonio
Richard Pace
Kristi Crosier
Joel Robinson
Gilbert Adams
Daniel Owens
Derek and Allison Sox
Carolyn Winter
Zulema Garraffo
Mary Findley
Christoper Brodersen
Nina Stern
Barbara Weiss
Pete Bucknell
Edmond Chan
Alison and Neill Edwards
Linda Kaufman
Sylvia Johnson
Bevlynn Rhoades
Martine van den Heever
Kathleen Flynn
Richard Spece
Alek Fester
Alison Gangler
Jim Allison 

Rebecca Harris
Paula Umana
Gwyn Roberts
Cathy Lanigan
Linda Flexon
Martie Perry
Robin Roberson
Amy Domingues
Gina Barrett
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Dennis Slavin
Jocelyn King
Daniel Lee
Sarah Weiner and Ian Shuman
Dongsok Shin
Deb Fox
Andrew Arceci
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Kathy Mulcahy
Sharon Torello
Elizabeth Kay Pinder
Beth Paulin
Helen and Jeff Bourret
Julie Pietz
Christian & Aileene
Mary A Sorrells
Peter Sananman
Ana Boe and Debra Nagy
Greg Weissman
Jee Sun Lee
Dana and Denise Bondy
Sandra Haggard
Joan Kimball
Sarah Gunnarson
Jane McKinley
Kathy Cobb
Amie Roosevelt
Edwin Huizinga
Thom Duffy
Kathy Cochran

Donations made by check should be made out to "Kleine Kammermusik" and mailed to:

Kleine Kammermusik
c/o Rebecca Humphrey
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Merion Station, PA 19066

Kleine Kammermusik is section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Any contribution above the value of the goods and services received by the donor is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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