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Read all about our recent collaboration with the baroque dancer Hubert Hazebroucq and members of Il Giardino d’Amore in a blog post written by Geoffrey Burgess.

Additional reviews from this event:
Broad Street Review

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"As today’s Baroque ensembles explore a larger range of the music of the past, we get a clearer picture of the staggering depth and variety of music from the Baroque period. This excellent recording shows off some French and German chamber music for woodwinds. The ensemble’s name means “small chamber music” and the intimacy of this music is incredibly effective. The playing is graceful and engaging, with the double reed instruments taking on warm vocal characteristics. The French repertoire is especially fun, with a joyous dancing quality that inspires repeated listening."
Jeff Zumfelde, Colorado Public Radio
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"Ensemble sounds notes of Triumph and Elegance"
—Review by Mike Telin, Early Music America Magazine

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